Final Commission Association 1966-1969








The Chairman opened the meeting in the Large Boardroom at 11:15 am.

 Jim welcomed everyone to our 13th Annual Reunion at the Adelphi Hotel Liverpool.        

Members Present

Jim Adams  Trevor Featherstone Robert Nelson  Walls Nangle Joe Alcock  Bill Forshaw  Bryan Pace Phillip Watson Terry Baker Andre Fredericks Chris Pattinson Chris Radford John Barham Jim Halliwell Barry Pearson Paul Smith Martin Brown Ken Harrow Sid Perry Eddie Toyne David Cooke Jim Higham Dave Robinson Rex Ward George Espie Stephen Heather Julian Rogers Vaughan Williams Nick Holden Charlie Ross George Wright George Kirkpatrick Paul Preston Phillip Yarwood

Guests and Ladies Present

Lisa Barham, Denise Brown, Joyce Espie, Rita Halliwell, Victoria Ross, Elaine Rogers, Valerie Ward, Chris Holden, Jean Cooke, Margaret Robinson, Susan Wood, Joyce Pattinson, Tom Blackman, Katerina Breese, Dave Chesworth, Jan Samways and Ray Bruchez.

Apologies for absence

Jeremy Sanders, Pat Mc Glennon, Mick Parsons, Mally Baker, Charlie Cooke, Brian Coshall, Dave Finch, Roger Prosser, Tom Denney, Alan Bull, John Burkett, Derek Walmsley, Garry Jelley, Dudley Pound, Grahame Scott, Joe Rourke and Mike (Wally) Walder who were unable to attend due to other commitments.

Chairman’s Report

On completion of the England v Argentina world cup rugby match, Jim welcomed everyone to our Liverpool AGM, mentioning those that had travelled from overseas and long distances to be with us and a special welcome to members attending for the first time: Jim Higham, Nick Holden and Chris Pattinson.

Sick Parade

Mally baker recovering from eye surgery, Pat Mc Glennon and his wife Carol undergoing hospital treatment, Mick Parsons Swollen leg result of an insect bite

And Jim Sams is now confined to a nursing home in Leeds.

Crossed the Bar

Bob Raby 26 October 2018, In April this year we heard the sad news of the passing of Janet, the dear wife of Stephen Heather, on the 22 June John Guerin lost his battle with cancer, his funeral was attended by Joe Alcock and Jim Halliwell, the families appreciated the cards and letters of condolence received from our association.

Post AGM we heard that Robin Burkitt died on 27 September 2019 eventually succumbing to Parkinson’s.

The Chairman then listed those crew members that have crossed the bar since we started our association in 2007:  Barry Naylor, Jack Webb, Butch Chambers, Russell (Snowy) Snowball, Gerry Bradbery, Robbie Laidlaw, Malcolm (Albert) Ross.  Patricia Adams, wife of Jim,

Members then stood in silence for a few moments to remember these and other members of our crew that are no longer with us.


Letters were read out from: Commodore Phil Waterhouse, our President Jeremy,
Lt Cdr Charlotte Carbery HMS Sheffield Association, Jim Croysdale, Mike (Wally) Walder and Charlie Cooke (containing a Divers watch and 2 CD’s for the raffle).

The Chairman asked that the Minutes of the 2018 Portsmouth AGM be accepted as a true recollection of that meeting.  This was proposed by David Cooke and seconded by Rex Ward.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard concessionary price of day tickets – membership cards handed out to those members not in attendance last year.

Membership Cards for new members to be arranged. This is available to RNA members and other Naval Associations. A letter was written to The National Museum Royal Navy (NMRN) to have the HMS Troubridge Final Commission Association added to the list of qualifying groups.

Venue for the 2020 Reunion Weekend

Two options put forward – Returning to the RBH Portsmouth, the venue of our 2018 reunion or the King Charles Hotel in Chatham, which we last visited in 2011.

Negotiations with the KCH Chatham have been quite difficult, offered a price for a 2/3day weekend, but after asking about corkage charges on rum and port, was told that the prices would need to be revisited. No discount on bar prices or dinner wine, reluctant to provide new price until September blaming BREXIT amongst other things.  Buster Brown commented that he’d heard that the KCH was about to close?

Rex Ward proposed that we return to the RBH Portsmouth, this was seconded by George Espie.   Members were asked to vote by a show of hands, the vote in favour was unanimous.

Secretary’s Report

Bryan read out a letter Addressed to Jeremy, from Lieutenant Commander Charlotte Carbery RN, Secretary of the HMS Sheffield Association, thanking our association for the generous donation towards their fund-raising effort to site an ex HMS SHEFFIELD union flag within Sheffield Cathedral.  The target of £5000 was achieved and on the Second Sunday after Easter a ceremony: The Laying of a Union Flag and an Act of Remembrance for the Officers and Crew of HMS Sheffield was held during Choral Evensong, this was attended by two members of our association Pat McGlennon and Joe Alcock.  Joe stood at the meeting and said a few words about the ceremony.


Treasurer's Report

Available by request from Treasurer Paul Smith.

Election of Committee Members

The positions of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are open for offers:  

Bryan asked if there were any volunteers to take on the roles of Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.
There was none forthcoming. It was therefore proposed that the current incumbents continue in their existing roles:

Chairman: JIm Halliwell proposed by: Vaughan Williams seconded by George Espie.

Secretary: Bryan Pace proposed by: Eddie Toyne seconded by Bill Forshaw.

Treasurer: Paul Smith Proposed by: Chris Radford seconded by Julian Rogers.

The vote for the current committee to continue was unanimous.


Association Ties:

Please email our Treasurer Paul Smith if you would like a tie mailed to you.  £10 plus p&p. (Total cost = £12 UK, £13 Overseas).

Key rings available £5 each

Car stickers £1 each.

Any Other Business

2021 Reunion – Trevor Featherstone agreed to check out The Royal Hotel, Hull, and George Kirkpatrick agreed to check out Hotels in the Helensburgh area as possible alternatives for our next reunion in the North.   The Chairman thanked them both for their willingness to help and agreed to forward a questionnaire to assist them.     

David Cooke stood and thanked the committee for their efforts in organizing our
13th annual reunion at The Adelphi Hotel Liverpool. This gesture gained the approval of all present and was gratefully received by the committee members. 

Thanks again to Joe Alcock for his efforts to seek out Mike (Wally) Walder.

There are still lots more crew members out there that would surely join us if they knew of our existence.   Carry on searching to seek out for more members of our crew.



 Date of next meeting

1030 - Saturday 3th October 2019, at the Royal Beach Hotel Portsmouth.


  Meeting Closed

The Chairman closed the meeting at 12:15 pm

HMS TROUBRIDGE Final Commission Association 1966-1969