Friday 15th October 1200 onwards - members arrived and checked in at reception. Parking was almost impossible at the Hotel and most found themselves parking a two day camel ride from Hotel. 

We met and had a lamp swinging sessions in the Lounge Bar with all the usual piss taking that has become a tradition at our annual reunions. Friday has turned into a great meet and great session and is my favorite night of the weekend.

Another tradition we have now is finding any excuse we can to Up Spirits and this year was no different. We met many times over the weekend and spliced the main brace quite a few times enjoying a drop of good old Woods rum curtesy of our treasure Paul Smith who did us proud once again on keeping us well lubricated with this age old tradition.

The hotel was good and they did a great job for us and were very accommodating to our needs and wants but then I guess we were not the first reunion they had catered to.

Saturday 16th October - Daytime

A hearty good old full English buffet style breakfast was enjoyed and what a great start to the day. Some seemed a little worse for wear but most survived the Friday night lamp swinging session.

The AGM went off smooth as clockwork and we spent the morning exploring Southsea before heading to into Pompey for our tour of HMS Victory which I can honestly say no matter how many times you take the tour it is always enjoyable.

1300 - Muster at the starboard gangway HMS Victory. Many thanks to Dave Cook for setting up a special treat for us in that we enjoyed up spirits on HMS Victory.
The evening started at 6:30pm with Up Spirits (see the pattern emerging) and muster for Pre Dinner drinks in the bar.

Gala Dinner in the Ballroom. Great food and great company made for a memorable evening. An unexpected surprise was even though it was his birthday (he did not disclose his age) was the appearance of Shep Wooly who entertain us with lots of ripe old Naval songs and ditties. The raffle again was a huge success and  raised enough money to continue us not having to ask for dues from the ships company to cover expenses. Something again stupid o'clock in the morning found us gibbering like rock apes before heading off for a well deserved nap.

Sunday 11 October

0730 – 1000 Breakfast served and another full English.
1000 – Members on a 2 day weekend vacate rooms and sadly depart.
1100 – lunchtime drinks in the bar, more time to explore the old haunts what's left of them of Pompey and Southsea.

I sadly left on the Sunday instead of my usual day Monday as I had been in a lot of pain with my left shoulder over the weekend and headed home to my daughters and the emergency room. They did all the usual test and I'm glad to say it was not heart related and they put me on enough pain killers to kill a horse but it took another 3 weeks before it settled down. Turned out it was a nerve that got mad about something and decided to give me hell for a few weeks.

On a sad note our friend and shipmate Snowy Snowball passed over the bar in 2016. Snowy had become a regular at our reunions and he will be sadly missed.

Monday 17th October

We all set off around 1000am.


October 15th -17th 2016

HMS TROUBRIDGE Final Commission Association 1966-1969