Reunion 2015

HMS TROUBRIDGE Final Commission Association 1966-1969

Friday 9th October 1200 onwards - members arrived and checked in at reception. Parking was awkward to say the least and most found ourselves parking in the multi-story about a 5 minute walk from hotel. I for one need the exercise so no complaints. 

We met and had a lamp swinging sessions in the Lounge Bar with all the usual piss taking that has become a tradition at our annual reunions. Jim negotiated a good happy hour price for our refreshments for the weekend as always and we took advantage of it.

Another tradition we have now is finding any excuse we can to Up Spirits and this year was no different. We met in the Theatre bar and enjoyed a drop of good old Woods rum curtesy of our treasure Paul Smith who gets a great deal (even better than my duty free deal for Woods) before enjoying our buffet meal in the sea view restaurant. Sea view is stretching it a bit but if you duck down and use a little imagination you can see the sea.

The hotel was good and they did a great job for us although it and the other hotels in Scarborough are definitely showing their age as is most of the seaside attractions. Pidgeon's seem to be a major problem around the hotels but seagulls as always rule the sea front.

Saturday 10 October - Daytime

A hearty good old full English buffet style breakfast was enjoyed and what a great start to the day. Some seemed a little worse for wear but most survived the Friday night lamp swinging session.

The AGM went off smooth as clockwork and we spent the morning exploring Scarborough.

1300 - Muster at the pier to board the Regal Lady for a Harbour Boat Trip (Regal Lady was deployed during World War II to assist in the evacuation of Dunkirk). Thanks to the crew of the Regal Lady for giving us all free ride around the harbor and yes you guessed it Up Spirits which was a bit of novelty to rest of the passengers who seemed to enjoy our presence on the Regal Lady just as much as we enjoyed being there. As always when our crew get together it is laughter all weekend long. 
The evening started at 6:30pm with Up Spirits (see the pattern emerging) and muster for Pre Dinner drinks in the Ballroom Bar Open much to the disgust of an Army contingent in their best bib and tucker who believed they had exclusive use of the bar for the evening that were holding their annual dinner in the hotel at the same time..
Group Photograph - On the Grand Staircase. Now this turned into a sod's opera that you could not of planned, the main staircase is in the main lobby and all of our fellow serving brothers from the Army attending their function had to walk right into a wall of Troubridge warriors who already having had two up spirits, a boat trip and a few of Yorkshires finest ales found it very amusing that most of the Army boys resembled Captain Mainwaring and were all greeted with well executed Army salutes and  quote of "Captain Mainwaring Sir" , " Pike come here boy", Sarnt Wilson" and the like much to their disapproval. On the lighter side one did find the whole thing amusing and respond with "Stupid boy" which went over well with the lads and got him a rowdy cheer.

Gala Dinner in the Ballroom. A late attendee was Albert Ross who's Son and Daughter in law went out of their way to bring Albert to his reunion we all appreciate your efforts as I am sure your Dad did. Albert we believe was the youngest member of our crew and was affectionately known as Albatross. Good food although somehow the cod managed to turn itself into salmon not to sure what happened there but no complaints. We had our after dinner raffle and the star price was a rather rude and obnoxious parrot I found over hear in the new world that knew all 12 swearwords (13 if you were in the Navy) and used them liberally. Congrats to Barry Pearson who won the parrot although I'm not to sure how Paul's new bride Maureen will have to say about it. Something again stupid o'clock in the morning found us gibbering like rock apes before heading off for a well deserved nap.

Sunday 11 October

0730 – 1000 Breakfast served in the Sea View Restaurant.
1000 – Members on a 2 day weekend vacate rooms and sadly depart.
1100 – lunchtime drinks in the Lounge Bar, more time to explore the Town of Scarborough.
1230 – Joint meeting at the Railwaymen’s Club - with members of HMS Llandaff and HMS Ganges Associations.  (HMS Llandaff’s Sods Opera)

What a great dinner time session in the Railwaymen's Club we cannot thank the RNR Scarborough, Llandaff crew and Ganges crew for the warm welcome they gave us as well as sharing their Pie and Mushy peas lunch. As an added bonus our good friend Shep Wooley was in attendance and shared the lunch and a pint.

For dinner that evening the staff in the restaurant put a long table together for us so we could all sit together for our last dinner of the weekend and it was great evening. I strongly recommend if you attend the reunion that you stay the full three days I find it so much more relaxing taking that extra day.

There has been a couple changes to our crew in regards to how they would now like to be addressed in future since our Yorkshire lads have taken a couple of us under their wings so in future Taff Richard Evans and Jock Barry Pearson will now be addressed as Yorkie Evans and  Yorkie Pearson. It a long story show up next year and ask them to elaborate.   

Monday 13 October

We all set off around 1000am