12th October 2012

Reunion 2012

Bosworth Hall Hotel & Spa is located in the heart of the English countryside.  Dating from the 17th century, this magnificent grade II mansion is set in 11 acres of its own beautifully landscaped grounds. Famous for its flower display, the historic village of Market Bosworth just minutes away from the hotel, hosts a range of galleries and antique shops just a stroll away from the front door of the hotel. Bring walking shoes for the countryside, the walks here are among the most attractive and extensive in Britain.

November 8th, 2012

Thanks to all that attended this year it was again a great success and a weekend to remember. This year we had 35 Troubridge warriors attend at the Bosworth Hall Hotel, Market Bosworth probable the largest navy presence to the area since the Battle of Bosworth field as I am pretty sure Jack was there as he doesn’t miss the opportunity for a good old fashioned punch up.

I need to say a special thanks and a big Bravo Zulu to Jim Halliwell for another great job in organizing the weekend. I have been extremely busy with my real estate business in the US and Jim stepped up and carried most of the load. I will send out a broadcast once I have posted the videos and photos on the website. If you have not shared your photo’s with me yet please send them to me as the more the merrier.

Friday October 12th, 2012

Arrival day in my opinion is one of the best days of the weekend and the best lamp swinging day. The beer flows well and everyone catches up on the past years happenings. We pretty much took over the bar area which unfortunately was not very large so we probably upset a few of the other guests. The hotel put on a buffet dinner for us in a private suite which was fantastic and went over really well.

Saturday October 13th, 2012

Started with great full English breakfast and lots more conversation and swapping of information etc. We held our Annual General meeting which I am happy to say was well attended and the minutes will be circulated soon.

In the afternoon some wandered the streets of Market Bosworth and the majority of us set off for a visit to the National Arboretum memorial which was nearby. Thinking we would be having a convoy (please no rubber duck jokes) we all arranged to meet in the lobby at 12:00 noon and yours truly got there at the stroke of noon only to find out everyone had left. Anyway made it there without any problems unlike Jeremy Sanders and Mick Parsons who travelled with Taff Evans and to say they took the scenic route is an understatement you need to ask them the personally what happened. Main thing though is they made it there eventually. If you have never visited the memorial it is a great place and very humbling.

The dinner was a great success and the food was a credit to the hotel. Smudge Smith ran our raffle of donated items again and thank you to Jeremy Sanders for the farm yard contribution (you had to be there) and we look forward to more of his ladies contributions next year. After dinner we adjourned to the bar and laughed the night away until the wee small hours and then off to bed exhausted.

Sunday October 14th, 2011

Sunday morning was a full English breakfast again and a debrief by everyone of last night’s dinner etc and quite a few packed up and reluctantly headed for home around 11:00am and those that had travelled by train found out the hard way that there is no bus service in the area on a Sunday so it was little like a Chinese fire drill while we organized rides to the station glad to say it all went of well and everyone was taken care of. Quite a few of us had decided to stay Sunday night and some of us played golf at the local Championship course (their words not ours) which was more like a Rally cross course than a golf course but it was pleasant and enjoyable afternoon. The hotel again put on a great buffet dinner for us in the private suite.

Many thanks to Jim Halliwell for a great job as always setting up the meeting room with all the photos as always they went over really well. Great job by all in recruiting new member’s last count we were up to 91.

The Bosworth Hall Hotel did a fantastic job of making the weekend a great success and we thank them.

2013 sees us in the Adelphi hotel Liverpool on October 11th thru 13th which is another Britannia hotel as was the Bosworth Hall so they are giving us the same deal on the rooms and the discounted rate in the bar. Jim along with Garry has negotiated us a great deal for the weekend so believe you me you will not be disappointed.

Bryan Pace HMS Troubridge 1966-1969 16 mess Junior Seamen.
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HMS TROUBRIDGE Final Commission Association 1966-1969