HMS TROUBRIDGE Final Commission Association 1966-1969


November 11th, 2009

Thanks to all that attended this year it was again a great success and a weekend to remember.
In 2007 we had 13 shipmates attend our reunion, 2008 that number went to 25, and 2009 we exceeded all expectations with 36. There were 16 of you that attended for the first time and 7 from 2008 that for one reason or another could not join us this year. We had to move the venue from the Royal Hotel in Crewe who had done us proud in 2007 and 2008 due to the increase in numbers and this year’s reunion was at the Royal Maritime Club (Home Club) in Pompey.

Friday October 16th, 2009

Friday night was a great night to renew friendships with our 16 newly found shipmates and this involved many walks down memory lane. As was the case in 2008 the beer tasted good and the conversation was electrifying and the room was filled with happy smiling faces. The sad part was just as everyone was getting warmed up they closed the bar and we had to end the evening and bid goodnight. I’m sure a few diehards probably went on the town.

Saturday October 17th, 2009

Started with great full English breakfast and lots more conversation and swapping of information etc. We held our first reunion meeting to discuss next years venue and as you saw in the earlier minutes we published next year we will be in Blackpool and we discussed a few
other subjects from electing committee members to fund raising to cover the out of pocket expenses of the committee without having to charge a membership fee. It was agreed that we hold raffles over the weekend and raise the small amount of money we need that way. We then adjourned and went off our separate ways to see Pompey and see what remained of the great old town, sadly most of it as we remembered it has gone. HMS Vernon is now a shopping precinct and well frequented by the local inhabitants and although some of the old features are still there you really need to use your imagination to remember it as we knew it. The main dockyard gate is now just an entrance to the HMS Victory and the Mary Rose as well the Naval museum. Pompey is know a University town and it is hard to fine anyone in uniform. The list of pubs that have closed in endless but a few of the old haunts still stand Keppel’s Head, Admiral Drake to name a couple.
The dinner was a great success and the food was very good. Brian Coshal put on a show for us all with impressions of Jimmy Stewart, Wilfred Brambell, Harry H. Corbett, and Tommy Cooper which went over really well. Couple of us shared some amusing stories from our time
on the Troubridge and thanks to Jeremy Sanders for sharing with us some stories and antics of the wardroom that we may have been aware off but never really knew the truth about.

HMS Troubridge
2009 Reunion
Last Commission Association
Smudge Smith brought another model of the Troubridge in a bottle that was raffled off and raised enough money to pay Smudge’s friend for making it as well as put some cash in the ships coffers.

Sunday October 18th, 2009

Sunday morning was a full English breakfast for me again and a debrief by everyone of last nights dinner etc and we all packed up and reluctantly headed for home around 11:00am.
The Royal Maritime Club in Pompey did a fantastic job of making the weekend a great success and we thank them.
I seemed to have rambled on a bit sorry for that but I hope those of you that never made it to the 2007, 2008 and 2009 will make it in 2010 on tentatively October 15th and 16th believe you me you will not be disappointed.

Bryan Pace HMS Troubridge 1966-1969 16 mess Junior Seamen.

Reunion 2009