Reunion 2008

HMS TROUBRIDGE Final Commission Association 1966-1969

November 12th, 2008

Thanks to all that attended this year it was a huge success, I thought last years was great but our new found ex-shipmates took us all to a whole new level of fun. Again thanks to you all for making it one heck of a weekend to remember

Friday October 24th, 2008

2007 reunion we had 13 ex shipmates attend and in 2008 we almost doubled that amount to 25 and it would have been double but poor old Andy Beaney had a last minute issue that prevented him from attending. There are still 9 more of you that we have been able to find that were unable to attend this year but you now have a year to plan to attend so join us next year believe me it’s a great weekend.

The Royal once again gave us a private area in the bar but I am glad to say our numbers exceeded its capacity this year so we spilled out into the bar. I got there about 7:00pm having traveled up from my daughters in Rainham in Kent by car with Barry Naylor and Dave Finch.
We spent some valuable bonding time sitting in traffic on the M25 and then later the M6 watching the grass grow but we never ran out of topics of conversation so it was good trip if not a long one due to traffic.

Friday night was just another great night of beer and communication I knew I was in trouble when I drank four pints in less than an hour on an empty stomach having not drunk beer in over 9 months but anyway conversation flowed as well as the beer and a new batch of old friends rekindled their friendships. The famous Shep Wooley put on a show for us at about 8:00pm by which time a few of the lads had drunk enough to start gibbering like rock apes and figured they could get one up on Shep who was sober as a judge but as always they lost and I am saving the rest of the story on this till after dinner at next years reunion so if you want to hear the full story attend next year. I stayed up till about 2:00am again this year and still left a few die hards in the bar and then slept like a baby until breakfast at 9:00am.

Saturday October 25th, 2007

Started with great full English breakfast and lots more conversation and swapping of information. We all donned our new 2008 HMS Troubridge reunion T shirts and discuss our plans for the day. A few of the lads had decided to play golf and set off in the rain to a local course, I had intended to play and set off with Twiggy Cornish for the course but after a couple of minutes we got stuck at the traffic lights and lost site of the others who Twiggy and I figured were practicing in case Formula 1 ever comes to the streets of Crewe, and we had no idea where the golf course was so we decided the game is frustrating as hell in the dry let alone the wet so we went back to the Royal and left them to it. Some of the lads did the walk up to Crewe City centre again this year but drizzly rain made that a pretty unpleasant walk. Some hung out in the hotel and talked each others ears off and Phil Yarwood gave the mustache a whole new look ask him next year what that is all about. 5:00pm we went to have a Sh#t, Shave, Shower and Shampoo as they say and get ready for the evening meal in the Hotel dinning room which was closed to the public for our reunion dinner. Food and service was great and the night went really well with just a few of us standing and addressing the crew, lots of piss taking which we are all still seem to be good at, no speeches though just open conversation and lots of picture taking. Turned in again at some ungodly hour and slept like a baby.

I was presented with a fabulous model of the Troubridge in a bottle which I will send a picture of to you all later. The model was done by a friend of Smudge Smith and is just great I can’t thank Smudge his friend and the rest of the lads for presenting it to me I consider it a great honor to be friends with you all and I look forward to many years of reunions with you all.

Many thanks to Nutty Almond who agreed to be the official reunion photographer and he hopes to have pictures to share with you all soon as well as sending the photos to the Navy News in the hope that they will publish it for us so keep your eye’s open for it.

Sunday October 26th, 2008

Sunday morning was a full English breakfast for me again and a debrief by everyone of last nights dinner etc and we all packed up and reluctantly headed for home around 11:00am. The Royal Hotel in Crewe did a fantastic job of making the weekend a great success and we
thank them.

I seemed to have rambled on a bit sorry for that but I hope those of you that never made it to the 2007 or 2008 will make it in 2009 on October 23rd and 24th believe you me you will not be disappointed.