Well for those of you that missed the 2007 reunion you missed the best weekend most of us had had in a long time.

Friday October 12th, 2007

Festivity’s at the hotel started around tea time on Friday night and the conversations seemed to be mostly about finding out what we had all been doing for the last 40 years. The Royal provided us with a private area in the main bar that had been decorated with photos of crew members and the great old lady herself. Its hard to explain the atmosphere in the hotel you had to be there to appreciate it but it was like we picked up right where we left off almost 40 years ago including the piss taking we were all famous for. The drinkers enjoyed the beer and wine which flowed freely as did the soft drinks for the t-totalers, everyone seemed high on the moment and alcohol was not a factor in the success and everyone’s weekend enjoyment. The hotel put on a great spread for our 9 o’clockers much to the delight of the Royals Hotels regulars who got to feast on the huge spread of food the hotel provided which was too much for us alone. I gave up at 2:00am and went off to my scratcher leaving a half dozen die hards to keep the night alive till who knows when.

Saturday October 13th, 2007

Started with great full English breakfast and lots more conversation and swapping of information. We all donned our HMS Troubridge reunion T shirts and set off to explore Crewe city centre looking like a bunch of geriatric school boys, which was about a 20 minute walk and it was market day so after a 2 minute tour of the market we all adjourned to the local market tavern for a beer and communication exercise that seemed to unnerve some of the locals as we took over one area of the pub. After a few pints we went back to the hotel to our private area of the main bar and more conversation and piss taking as well as a spot of lunch. About 5:00pm we went to have a  Sh#t, Shave, Shower and Shampoo as they say and get ready for the evening meal in the Hotel dinning room which was closed to the public for our reunion dinner. Food and service was great and we all passed the port to the left as required. There was no standing on ceremony and the night went real well with just a couple of us standing and addressing the crew, no speeches though just open conversation and lots of picture taking.  There is a night club attached to the hotel and I’m not sure if any of the lads indulged but it’s there if you wanted to. Turned in again at some ungodly hour and slept like a baby.

Sunday October 14th, 2007

Sunday morning was a full English breakfast for me again and a debrief by everyone of last nights dinner etc and we all packed up and reluctantly headed for home around 11:00am. 

The Royal Hotel in Crewe did a fantastic job of making the weekend a great success. For those of you that watch the Weakest Link our host and proprietor at the Royal Hotel Ray Bruchet (ex submariner) took part in the show that was broadcast on February 4th, 2008 and he won.

I seemed to have rambled on a bit sorry for that but I hope those of you that never made it to the 2007 will make it in 2008 on October  24th and 25th believe you me you will not be disappointed.

Bryan Pace HMS Troubridge 1966-1969 16 mess Junior Seamen.

Reunion 2007

HMS TROUBRIDGE Final Commission Association 1966-1969