HMS TROUBRIDGE Final Commission Association 1966-1969



In early 1944, the 24th Flotilla moved to the Adriatic, with Troubridge carrying out bombardment operations against targets on the Dalmatian coast and the island of Korčula. On 15 August 1944, the Allies invaded the South of France, with Troubridge forming part of the screen for the Escort carriers of TG88.1, which were providing air cover for the landings. In September 1944 Troubridge, with the rest of her flotilla, returned to the Aegean, where they were employed in interfering with the German evacuation of the Greek islands. On 13 September Troubridge and sister ship Tuscan sank the cargo ship Toni, while on 19 September Troubridge, Terpsichore, and the Polish destroyer ORP Garland depth-charged and sank the German submarine U-407 south of Milos, in position 36°27'N, 24°33'E.

After a refit at Chatham in December 1944 to January 1945, Troubridge set out for eastern waters for the war against Japan. She briefly served with the East Indies Fleet in March 1945 before joining the British Pacific Fleet in May 1945. Amongst other engagements, she took part in an attack on Truk led by the aircraft carrier Implacable on 14–15 June. Implacable's air group launched strikes against Truk on 14 July and Troubridge escorted the cruiser Newfoundland when she bombarded coastal artillery positions and an airfield on 15 July. She returned to Portsmouth in 1946.

The knife came from a us marine who came aboard before they headed onto the mainland.

Apparently they were also receiving fire  in the med at the time. A marine I think he said was called butch (or similar) and was a very big man. They sat on the side chatting while receiving fire and he could do nothing but tell jokes. The marine gave my Grandad his knife.