Official site of HMS Troubridge Final Commission 1966-1969 Association
President Jeremy Sanders,  Chairman Jim Halliwell,   Secretary Bryan Pace,  Treasurer Paul Smith,   Master at Arms Joe Alcock

Rum Bosun George Kirkpatrick

Since the original 13 met for a reunion at the Royal Hotel Crewe in 2007 we have continued to add more and more of the final commission crew members and at the 2008 reunion at the Royal Hotel our numbers doubled to 26. The Royal Hotel had served us proudly for two years but alas our attending numbers meant that we had to switch to larger facilities.

2007 Royal Hotel Crewe 13 attended. 2008 Royal Hotel Crewe 26 attended. 2009 Royal Maritime Club Portsmouth 36 attended.
2010 Savoy Hotel Blackpool 46 attended. 2011 King Charles Hotel Gillingham 32 attended. 2012 Bosworth Hall Market Bosworth 35 attended.

2013 Adelphi Hotel Liverpool. 31 attended. 2014 Copthorne Hotel Plymouth 34 attended. 2015 Royal Hotel Scarborough 33 attended.

2016 Royal Beach Hotel Portsmouth 45 attended. 2017 Royal Hotel Hull 40 attended.

2018 Royal Beach Hotel Portsmouth 38 attended. 2019 Adelphi Hotel Liverpool. 36 attended. 2020 Royal Beach Hotel Portsmouth 0 attended.

To date we have located 137 final commission Troubridge warriors and sadly 36 have crossed over the bar, Yours Aye Bryan

HMS TROUBRIDGE Final Commission Association 1966-1969

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